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DIZISOFT is an expert company in its field, being present in factories through its technical teams, as well as its management. DIZISOFT uses its software to support its clients, train them, as well as provide services when the stakes are high for industrialists.

Today, DIZISOFT offers à la carte services, according to client specification.

Project Machine

Project machine:

  • Measures raw data

  • Identifies production line problems: Machine surveillance and analysis

  • Signature machine: Kilometre Zero

  • Expertise machine: Assess leads regarding productivity gains

  • Design support: Draw the cycle diagram

  • Fine-tuning: present during production trials in the workshop

  • To be defined according to your objectives…

Software Training

Software training:

DIZISOFT is an accredited training organisation, which allows users of our software to be independent. We provide training to different segments of the industrial chain on a regular basis.

  • Design office (sketch under DIZISCOP + acquisition)

  • Maintenance (DIZISCOP)

  • Reliability engineers, automation specialists and robotic engineers

  • Procedures & support services

  • Production

  • Factory management

As part of our trainings, the parties sign an agreement specific to each training. This skill enhancement delegated by DIZISOFT allows our clients to incorporate operational working hours into their training budget allocated to factory staff.

Hot Line Support

Support & hotline:

As part of an annual development support contract, DIZISOFT offers daily technical support on using our software programmes and applications.

If need be, we go to the industrial site to better understand the situation and help the client advance in their project. As required, our sales team will provide you with an estimate.

  • Technical team: +33 (0)6 28 84 30 11

  • 8 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm