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The licence:

DIZISPY is a licence that allows data to be collected on equipment such as PLC, robots, numerical controls, variators, sensors, data acquisition cards and cameras according to protocols developed by DIZISOFT.


The licence is installed on a PC (without GUI) known as “acquisition kernel”

DIZISPY allows you to scrupulously execute a project machine configured by DIZISCOP to collect data locally without dongle. The DIZISPY kernel may be associated with one or more cameras (equipment page) and to record videos or photos of an event/condition (raw or calculated).

Making a simple configuration to the DIZISCOP project allows you to add a before and after event buffer.
The DIZISPY kernel can be configured remotely using DIZISCOP through the factory network or locally.


The DIZISPY kernel is integrated as close to the equipment and measurement as possible to obtain highly efficient performance and communication during the search for operating uncertainties. It is at the foot of the machine!


The different ways of triggering data capture under DIZISPY allow you to adapt the use according to the desired expertise. From the manual to the condition-related mode, and including planned recordings, DIZISPY allows you to adjust your acquisitions to the set objective and to obtain the exact film of what occurred.

Associated with the acquisition, the DIZISPY Kernel allows you to:

  • Store raw data (state, speed, current, pressure, torque, video, photo, text etc.)

  • Generate and store calculated variables (movement times, threshold, etc.)