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DIZISCOP is a software that helps with decision making, analysis, identifying problems and fine-tuning.

It is an interface that captures data on equipment such as PLC, robots, numerical controls, variators, sensors, data acquisition cards and cameras according to:

DIZISCOP’s effectiveness lies in the protocols developed by DIZISOFT.

DIZISCOP is a flexible and scalable software that adapts to all industries, as well as to the different sectors making up each of them, whether it be the assembly or the process.

The software is provided on a dongle-type key, making it mobile and practical, which provides the user with flexibility for measurements and troubleshooting as well as reliability in their analysis.

By collecting data on equipment, DIZISCOP will allow you to:


  • Analyse & identify problems

  • Measure cycle times

  • Signature machine

  • Shoot videos: Images synchronised with data

DIZISCOP allows you to acquire data simultaneously on many pieces of equipment and technologies. DIZISCOP has become the essential tool for understanding the interaction between different pieces of equipment and provides an innovative solution to your expert problems.

A graphical tool, it is a high-performance, simple and fun tool that will give users an added value in identifying problems and fine-tuning.
DIZISCOP is a software that is used worldwide. A multilingual software with a strong desire by DIZISOFT to always adapt to the language of the country in which it is distributed.