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The licence:

DIZIPROD is a supervision and management software that collects all data from machines to which the DIZISCOP & DIZISPY licences can connect.


The DIZIPROD licence is installed locally on the DIZISPY, then on the production unit server. It is configured with the DIZISCOP.

Its role:

DIZIPROD allows you to:

  • Concentrate the data from many DIZSPY kernels, to back up, and consolidate them on a server for them to be processed

  • Dynamically generate dashboards and production reports

  • Export data tables to different upper-layer systems (cloud, SAP and CMMS) to automatically feed their own databases

  • Trace back data to track a process or a product

  • Send alerts continuously


Using the DIZISCOP & DIZISPY technologies, DIZIPROD is a tool that will allow you to monitor your entire machine fleet and produce different documents automatically for all industry players.

Installed on a server present on the factory’s network and linked to the cloud, DIZIPROD is a software that provides great mobility to teams as it is directly accessible via the Internet.