Innovative software for an in-depth expertise on PLC, robots and numerical controls adapted to all industrial sectors.



Cycle time measurement, improving reliability, troubleshooting assistance and training your teams on our software, the DIZISOFT experts work hand in hand with you on your industrial projects.

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Made in France

Made in France

Developed in France, our software are universal and used by different industries worldwide.

Trophée de l'Innovation

The 2016 Trophy

The 2016 Innovation Trophy winner in the “Industry” category

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About Dizisoft

Specialised in the development of data software acquisition on PLC, robots, numerical controls, cameras, variators and troubleshooting kits, DIZISOFT allows you to:

  • Spot your recurrent breakdowns and machine problems
  • Analyse and make an effective assessment of your production lines
  • Sign your benchmark machine cycle charts (Kilometre Zero machine) to then compare them on real cycles
  • Get help with fine-tuning your machines
  • Edit your production reports and dashboard for an entire workshop

DIZISOFT places simplicity, innovation and performance development at the heart of its ambitions. Our guiding principle: to provide an efficient, transparent and committed solution to our clients.

A fast-growing company, we work hand in hand with our clients throughout all the steps of the industrial process (maintenance, procedures, production, continual improvement, quality, etc.) by providing effective analysis from the heart of the equipment to the complete management of a factory.

From the necessary on-the-ground expertise to the supervising of a factory, the DIZISOFT promise is to produce innovative software for you to allow you to develop your industrial performance independently.